Dear Designer,

You might wonder what this is all about

I was inspired to do this by how many times I found myself answering similar questions from folks just starting out or making the transition from mid to senior level designers and researchers, it felt like these are the kinds of things that I should be writing down so I and other people could find them.

This was also very much inspired by Mike Monteiro and co’s Medium publication, Dear Design Student that was last updated in 2017. The work they were doing in trying to put together an source of information and advice from experienced practitioners was super important, so I thought I’d try and pick up that torch.

This is very much a project I am doing in my free time (nights and weekends) and while I try to update at least once a week, sometimes things come up. If you’ve asked a question please know I will do my best to answer it, it might just take a few weeks.

Who am I anyway?

I’m a design director who has worked primarily on “web stuff” since 1999. I have formal (aka expensive) training in graphic design, time-based media arts, and human computer interaction. I’ve spent the majority of my career focusing on interaction design and my interest is in systems and behavior. I’ve been managing and leading design teams since 2013, I’ve started and run 2 companies (and closed them down for various reasons) and I’ve worked with a few big names you’ve definitely heard of and quite a few small names you probably haven’t. If that elevator pitch wasn’t enough for you, you can find me on LinkedIn and check out whatever state my personal website is in these days.

Thank you for being here 😃